Hey Hippie Friends,

You know that feeling when you are listening to live music, dancing, letting yourself be f r e e and connected all at the same time?  Well that's kinda how my art started.

I create hippie art out of fabric for grateful and groovy folks.


Just like the counter culture movement of the Sixties, my art promotes peace and love.  Bringing colorful textiles into your home while reminding you of the free spirit within your soul.

I was a young teenager when I started going to Grateful Dead concerts.  The music, the tie-dyes and the culture all influenced my decision to study Textiles in college.  I take old jeans, bedsheets and other textiles and then dye and decorate them with textile paint and colored pencils.  Everything gets stitched together and wrapped onto a canvas frame.  All of my art is available as originals, prints or custom commissions.

Wondering how I create my work?  Head over to the blog here  or feel free to contact me karenpayton4@gmail.com

Karen Payton Art      Ventura County, California