Love is who we are: Krishna Das Fabric Portrait

I spent the first few weeks of social distancing, a ball of emotions, eating too many Cheetos, spending long hours on the couch and not knowing how to feel or what to do with myself.

Sometime around the second week I tuned in to one of Krishna Das' "Hanging in the Heart Space" Thursday night concerts. I started to sketch and then create a portrait of this amazing musician. Chanting is like a magic pill. It raises my vibration, brings my mind into a quiet, peaceful state and just makes me feel really good. I would love for you to try it...don't worry, you will not turn into a Hare Krishna.

The fibers of this piece hold the delicate scent of candles and lavender oil,

the pure joy of creating,

the energy of higher power and

my prayers for the peace within me to sparkle and shine through the art I share with you.


Made from colored pencils on cotton canvas, old jeans, cloth pieces, machine stitching and lot of love.

There were many variations of the piece as I was trying to create fabric hands to go around his face. I spent two weekends and countless hours of cutting, ironing, and painting (with textile dyes) only to decide it just didn't look good.

After much trial and error and a bit of meditation and asking what I should use for the background, I settled on a mandala stencil. The same one I used on a previous Ram Dass piece.

Here's a quick video showing all the steps of the creation (turn on the volume so you can experience chanting):

I would love to hear if you enjoyed the music, if you have ever chanted, if you have advice for me on how to create fabric hands or if you just want to say hi!

Stay Groovy,