Karen Payton Art      Ventura County, California

July 7, 2018

Hello baby I'm gone goodbye....

A few weeks ago I had an amazing evening seeing Dark Star Orchestra in the beautiful city of Ojai.  

During the second half of the show, they played one of my favorite songs - Mississippi Half Step.  I have no idea why I love this song. I've never been to Mississippi and I can't relate to the lyrics.  But, I feel it in every bone of my body.  During the show, as the wind was lightly blowing and my bare feet were dancing on the earth the melody of the song just seemed to pour into my soul.  I love this music.  It fills my being in a way nothing else does.  And when all the elements are there...its just nirvana.  This is what connects us as sisters.

I just want to take a tiny bit of the...

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