Karen Payton Art      Ventura County, California

November 5, 2019

⚡️💀⚡️Dear John,⠀
Thank you for keeping The Dead alive⠀

for singing sweet songs to fill the air⠀

for keeping us dancing in the streets⠀

for playing in the band⠀

may the music never stop ⚡️❤️⠀

This fabric portrait is made from an old bed sheet, cotton canvas with colored pencils, cloth pieces that have been dyed with fabric paint, stitches and lots of love.

May 7, 2019

The sky was yellow and the sun was blue....

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to experience an entire weekend of Grateful Dead cover bands just a short drive from home.  While I was home during a break from the shows, I noticed the sheet on my son's bed had a huge unrepairable rip in it.  I often look for "signs" when I get an idea in my head and want evidence that I should run with it.  The gray torn sheet turned out to be the perfect excuse to make a portrait of Jerry.  

The portrait is made from 2 old bed sheets, cotton canvas, colored pencil, fabric dye, stitches and love.  

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