Karen Payton Art      Ventura County, California

January 6, 2017

Many years ago a beautiful friend asked me to make a piece for her.  At the time, I was exploring the idea of our clothing ripping open to expose our inner thoughts.  When these thoughts are embroidered, it forces me to work in detail and forces the viewer to look a little closer, like revealing a secret. 

These friends love the beach so the setting was easy.  Lucky for me she loves birds as much as I do.  I envisioned my friend thinking about her 2 boys.  For her hubbie...I wanted to play with all the elements he loves (tennis, beer, the Dodgers)

I had her gather a small stack of baby and toddler clothing that was stained, ripped and not a good candidate for a hand me down.  

I asked her for a preferred color palate

and any specific ele...

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