Fabric Art for Grateful and Groovy Folks

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Mini Hippie Prints

        2 sided, beautiful thick paper

$5 each

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 Welcome to a world of peace, love and color. 

I celebrate hippies with

fabric, dye and colored pencils.

Free Art

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You know that feeling when you are listening to live music, dancing, letting yourself be f r e e and connected all at the same time?  Well that's kinda how my art started. 


As a teenager I fell in love with the music, colors and style of the hippie movement and I never really let that go.  Now I am deep in to meditation, chanting and trying to live a life that is centered on love and joy.  But it’s hard!  And we all need reminders….so I create art that will put you in that vibration.  Sometimes it's birds around Ram Dass, or Baba Neem Karoli wrapped in a blanket, or a flower child of the sixties, all there to add love into your hippie home. 


Each piece is carefully created with different textiles, old sheets, jeans, dish cloths or remnants get dyed and splattered with textile paints.  Then I iron and stitch everything together on a sewing machine.  If the piece contains a portrait, I use cotton with colored pencils.  The final step is stretching the art onto a thick canvas and adding a wire so it is ready to hang in your hippie home.


May the peace within me to sparkle and shine through the art I share with you.

Karen Payton Art      Ventura County, California