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Everything Delightful

Updated: Aug 6

I recently made a new friend, James, an energy healer. He reminded me how important it is to stay grounded and not carry around the "weight" of other people. Once I let this sink in, I realized how hard it is as a mom to stay in the present moment when thinking about my family.

I started doing morning grounding meditations. It's pretty amazing what can happen in 15 minutes of breathing. In connecting my body and breath down to the earth, I immediately began to visualize a warm summer day with lush green flowery vines coming up from the ground and wrapping themselves around my legs connecting me to nature. This was how "Everything Delightful" was born. Although this is definitely not a picture of me, my heart and soul are a part of every fabric portrait.

I love using the meditation app, Insight Timer. My favorite grounding meditation is by Anjale Perrault and can be found here.

Give it a listen and leave me a note!! How do you stay grounded?

Peace and love,


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