Ram Dass Art Shop

How do we stay in the spirit of BE HERE NOW? 

Being present is not easy. 

We need reminders!

May this Ram Dass Art Shop take you gently back

into your heart space.

I didn't set out on my art journey to create portraits of Ram Dass and his teachings.  It just sort of happened.  After devouring his book and listening to his talks online, I became enamored with his beautiful eyes and the symmetry of his face.  I started to play around with drawing him and then during a dream one night I saw birds and the color lavender.   The image staying in my mind for weeks and would wash over me like a peaceful blanket.  On a trip to Chicago, I walked into a thrift store going out of business and found almost all of the materials tossed into a bin.  I washed them, dyed them and the entire piece unfolded with joy.

Ram Dass Art Prints

May the love within me sparkle and shine through the art I share with you.

Favorite quotes to remind us to BE HERE NOW!

Karen Payton Art      Ventura County, California