The Potter Becomes Her Pot

I read this quote today and it resonated with me strongly. The Potter becomes Her Pot...the Artists becomes her Art. Really, there is no separation between who we are and what we create. Especially with fiber art. How could I work on a stitched face for months and not become part of the consciousness of the piece?

Each piece requites many hours of stitching, dying, picking out fabrics, sewing, painting and stitching some more! Those hours are always joyful, and always full of bliss. My vision is to bring these emotions not only into the art itself, but into your home and heart (whether it's seeing the piece on a screen or on your wall). If the Potter becomes his Pot than surely my art can become a higher vibration of love and joy....which is the ultimate goal.

Here's to pure, positive love and high vibrations....

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