Tangled Up (in blue)

Like it was written in my soul From me to you Tangled up in blue

Bob Dylan, Tangled Up in Blue

The first time I heard these lyrics was through the foam padding of my headphones attached to a bright yellow walkman. I loved having music in my ears as I trudged through the snow in college.

This was "back in the day" no computer, no cell phone, so my only vision of Bob Dylan was seeing him on a stage in concert. There is no denying the power and beauty of his lyrics. It ignites a creative spirit in me. He is daring and poetic and an artist to the core - something I admire deeply.

This portrait is made entirely from fabric including - cotton canvas with colored pencil, an old bed sheet and cloth scraps that have been dyed and stitched together with love.

I have had so many comments on this image, I decided to give a free pdf print away. To download the print >>> add your email to my list here link will open in a new window.

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