Let Art be your Guru

Inspiration can come in the strangest of places. I was half watching an episode of Parts Unknown where Anthony Bourdain was visiting Myanmar. In the last few minutes the camera scanned inside a little building and for a split second I looked up and saw a giant golden Buddha. I have buddha statues all over my house so seeing one on TV should have been no big deal.

But it was.

It stuck in my head and has haunted me (in a good way) ever since.

I attached to the image as a sort of symbol of my higher self... a big, happy, golden, buddha. Whether or not life is chaotic or peaceful, I can choose to remain grounded and strong.

What if we are all buddhas?

Ram Dass says, "When we know how to listen, everyone is a guru".

So I decided to turn the subjects of my art into gurus. Hippie girls drenched in golden light and sitting in a prayerful state are dyed, colored and stitched together with the intention of instilling peace onto the viewer.

Make your own space sacred...

When we bring the divine into our homes, magic happens!

So light candles, fill your walls with art that makes you happy,

that calms your inner storms or

opens your heart.



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