Magical Manifestations

Sometimes you just have to ask.

Often in meditation, I ask the universe for magical collaborations.

I get really ready to receive, then ask, not in a desperate "please bring me xyz..." but in a vibrational, playful manner.

Like....wouldn't it be fun to have a beautiful backyard where my friends could come over and have a place to sit and relax?

I keep focused on the emotion of it, not the details.

Sometimes these daydreams turn real and I don't notice until way after.

But when I do notice, it feels like sparks of gratitude circle my body.


My big "ask" for this year has been to find magical collaborators.

One day in February I was out for breakfast, having a really nice time, feeling high on life.

I was waiting for the bathroom and spotted a bulletin board with a business card on it.

It was for a local tie dye artist.

I had been looking for a tie dye artist to come to an event I was planning.

I reached out to her on Facebook.

We both shared a love of textiles and the Grateful Dead.

I met her and her hubby at a local craft fair and bought some awesome underwear.

Then covid hit,

and the event was cancelled

During the pandemic she turned her tie dye business into mask making.

She asked me if I wanted her mask making scraps.

Of course I said YES!!!

So I got this..

and turned them into this…

These tiny scraps were like tiny bits of beautiful bliss!

This week, I started feeling the itch to ask for another magical collaboration. But then I started feeling terrible. How can I be asking for this when people are suffering so much right now? There is food scarcity everywhere, many are without jobs or have lost loved ones.

I got out my journal and listed all the good outcomes of my small "ask".

1. I briefly met someone new (who moved away before we got to know each other)

2. As a result of us meeting, I purchased several items from her and will continue to do so.

3. I shared what I bought with others which could lead to more sales for her, which helps her family.

4. I turned what she gave me into art

5. The scraps were recycled instead of ending up in the trash.

6. The art that is made with the scraps brings other people joy.

I imagine someone visiting a house with a portrait in their living room and seeing the tiny details of her ice dyeing technique paired with the details of my fabric art and this leading to someone new creating art.

And can all that be so bad?

It feels fun to dream up new ideas and big ideas for the future

It feels ok to vibrate on the idea of flowing abundance

Please drop into Diane's tie dye shop here

Have an idea for a magical collaboration? Write to me...

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