The Law of Attraction and Peacocks

It's been an interesting few weeks as far as peacocks are concerned.

For the past year, I have been heavily immersed as a student of all things spiritual. I am committed to daily meditation, I study Be Here Now...I chant, I breathe, I listen to Abraham Hicks while doing laundry. And my life has never felt more amazing.

Then the peacocks started.

I have a peacock that lives in my neighborhood that I heard about but did not see. I was in the middle of creating a new piece with a bird, and it just wasn't going right. Then I was walking the dog and finally spotted the peacock, which inspired me to go home and add a bit of "peacock-ness" to the piece.

But it didn't stop there.

I had visions, dreams and odd experiences of just seeing peacock symbols all the time. It almost started happening every day.

I felt an intense need to create a self portrait with a mandala of peacock feathers. While working on this image, the neighborhood peacock literally walked up to my front door, and stayed for hours!

I started to research peacocks and their meanings and found it is a symbol of awakening and inner knowledge and I left it at that. Then a friend invited me to my first experience at a Buddhist temple. Within the first few minutes of the lesson, the teacher mentioned that peacocks are the only bird to eat hemlock, a poison, and they turn that poison into beautiful feathers. I then understood the deeper meaning (for me) of all these peacock sitings. As I practice looking at the people in my life who cause me distress and seeing them as my kind, spiritual teachers...I understand that is the symbol of the peacock.

We need to eat poison in order to grow and glow.

And I was ready to attract this beautiful symbol to lighten the path.

Here's to peacocks, love and inner peace.

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